COPEINCA has a Code of Conduct that requires collaborators to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for the business, in order to safeguard our reputation. In short, the conduct required in this code means:

  • Acting with honesty and integrity with all our interest groups, such as¨ collaborators, clients, suppliers, directors, shareholders and others with whom COPEINCA has a relationship.
  • Upholding impartiality, dignity and respect in order to generate an atmosphere free from hostility and discrimination.
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Promoting the communication of any violation or infringement of this code



The whistleblower line allows any collaborator, client, supplier, or other related party, to  anonymously report a incident, or problem concerning compliance related to any aspect of our business.

The report may refer to information on accounting or financial irregularities, fraud, unethical business practice, ill treatment and harassment of collaborators, misappropriation of assets, violation of the law, damage to the environment, and any other infringement of the Code of Conduct. 

Collaborators may send information anonymously with the certainty that the company will guarantee the confidentiality of their identity, in such a way that they will not be subject any sanction on the part of the company.

The Board of Directors and Company Management promise not to investigate the origin of the anonymous report and not to take reprisals for having communicated the incident. Should any company executive take retaliatory action, that executive will be sanctioned and if necessary separated from his or her employment. 

In any report made, as far as is possible, proof should be included that unethical behavior involving company collaborators or related third parties exists. Should it not be possible to attach proof, the facts being denounced will have to be exposed in detail, including information as to the collaborator involved, the date of the unethical act, etc. Reports made with the unique objective of harming the reputation of another person, without any proof whatsoever, will not be taken into consideration.

Código de Conducta